WST Crushed Material Supply
The below serves as testament to our recent dealings with WST on the N4 Roads Project
(Pampoen Nek) near Hartebeestpoort Dam:
 We received a total of approximately 75 000 Tons of G1 and 77 000 Tons of G5 (C3) from
WST for execution of Subbase and Base Course operations on abovementioned Project.
 The material deliveries were executed in a timely and efficient manner with very little
disruption over a period of approximately 12 months.
 Material specification on the Project was very stringently monitored and all deliveries
received on site complied to the set-out specification required.

We as a business can, with great confidence and surety, recommend WST for any Crushed
materials sourcing as we only had the best service from them and their team at all times during
their tenure on the Project

W.S.T has proven to be a very dependable trucking company in any scenario. This is highlighted by their excellent communication & sense of urgency on every shipment. I would recommend W.S.T to anyone, but especially those who have been in the industry a while & know how difficult proper hauling can be.